• 2008-06-21Translated Q&A with Baldisserri:


    Translated Q&A with Baldisserri:

    Q: How fatiguing is it having such a great responsability within the team ?
    Baldisserri: ''It is fatiguing. But the whole world of Formula 1 is. It demands a lot from someone that works in it, both on a professional as well as on a personal level. You have to dedicate your life to this sport. To your job that is. But a lot of satisfaction comes with it. Eventhough obviously there's also a lot to get anrgy about.''

    Q: You've been with Ferrari for twenty years. What does ones carreer look like at this company ?
    Baldisserri: ''It's a company in which one feels well. I've had the possibility of changing my position many times, in this way I've been able to develop professionaly eventhough I've always been part of the same team. Basically only Ferrari can offer this possibility. And in any case I'm fortunate being Italian working for an Italian team that is also the benchmark for the whole of Formula 1.''

    Q: The present Ferrari team has changed a lot. How have you experienced the transition after the Todt and Schumacher era ?
    Baldisserri: ''We're still more or less the same, apart from those positions that keep changing all the time. Everyone knows each other's strong and weak points. We know how to deal with disputes over the work in hand without harming the personal relationships. It never occurs that problems are the motive for discontent. Thanks to that, changes in the team are managed in an easier fashion. The transition was a smooth one without problems.''

    Q: Which one was more 'traumatic', Todt's or Schumacher's departure ?
    Baldisserri: ''Last year, when Schumacher decided to end his carreer and when Brawn, at the same time, announced he would take a sabbatical, a bit of an internal shock was created. More for me than for others because I gained responsabilities that I didn't have in the past. It wasn't easy. But we'd been able to get through the months of difficulty and after that everything has gone well.''

    Q: What are your worst and best moments ?
    Baldisserri: ''The worst moment was the debacle at Fuji. The best, needless to say, was when we won (the championship in Brasil - AFCA).''

    Q: And then you told yourselves: 'we really are good !' ...
    Baldisserri: ''We never say that to ourselves. And when we win, an ugly race will do because it immediately puts you guys from the press with your feed on the ground.''

    Q: Talking about the current season: you didn't start off well but then had a great string of victories, so there's been a bend in the performance...
    Baldisserri: ''We've got a great car. In Monaco and Canada things didn't go the way we wanted them to go, but the performance of the car was there. Unfortunately in both cases we haven't been able to collect the amount of points we could and wanted to have. But now two favourable circuits are ahead of us and I don't see why, at least from a technical point of view, we wouldn't be able to get back to the highest level.''

    Q: The championship is very open, at least judging fom the standings.
    Baldisserri: ''It certainly is. We have to give our utmost and continue to go our way without commiting the mistakes that McLaren has made last year. We know that they will concentrate all their efforts on just one driver, Hamilton, but we continue to believe in the fact of having two drivers on par.''

    Q: But how do you win the championship betting on both drivers ?
    Baldisserri: ''The recipe is very simple, you just need to always finish first and second. We've got a winning car and I don't see why it's not possible to obtain this objective.''

    Q: Perhaps the problem is to understand when Raikkonen speaks over the radio...
    Baldisserri: ''There's no problem. I admit that at the beginning we've had some difficulties, but we've overcome all of that. The difference between two drivers can be seen in many ways, also by looking at the way they communicate with the team over the radio. Each driver has its own style. And it's really not all that difficult to compare Kimi with other drivers. From the outside he may seem like someone that just mutters some words, but I can guarantee it's not like that. On the contrary, he's actually speaks in a very outspoken way.''

    What are the differences between Massa and Raikkonen ?
    Baldisserri: ''Technically they're different. Kimi wants a car that is very fast going into a corner, when he releases the brake pedal he still has a high speed and he perfectly steers the car over the track. That's his strength. Felipe is exactly the opposite. He enters the car more slowly and tries to maximise the phase of traction. The one is chanceless when he has understeer whereas the other can cope with it. As for the rest: one is very calm and 'cool' whereas the other is open and sometimes impulsive. But that doesn't complicate the work of the team.''

    Q: Raikkonen has already won the championship. Can Massa do it ?
    Baldisserri: ''Felipe is driver that has made a lot of progress. I've know him since his period as testdriver, he's learned from Schumacher with an extraordinary humility. Last year he was brilliant but he paid the price for the reliability woes of the car. He's very strong in qualifying and in the race he can benefit from this quality of his. For me he can win (the championship).''

    Q: What do you say to Schumacher riding bikes ?
    Baldisserri: ''Knowing him well I understand that he cannot sit still. Life at home makes him feel restricted. Except for the crashes, I think he has fun racing bikes. But if he hadn't discovered bikes, he would have found something else. He's someone that always needs to do well, whatever he does.''


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